Sweden Textile Water Initiative at the Sustainable Apparel conference

Sweden Textile Water Initiative, with member brands Lindex and KappAhl, speaks at the Sustainable Apparel conference hosted by Innovation Forum in London. The Chatham House event seeks to find solutions to how business can help build scalable and effective change within the value chains.

The conference builds on the work of several Innovation Forum conferences covering circular economy, ethical trade and cotton sustainability. A platform for discussion on the major risks to the environment and to businesses, the event seeks to find solutions to how business can help build scalable and effective change.

Debates and practical working sessions focus on:

  • How do we achieve actual transparency and traceability at the start of the value chain?
  • What can and have brands done to achieve 100% cotton sustainability?
  • How can brands and suppliers be smarter with sustainable water use?
  • How can chemical use be more sustainable and less harmful across the supply chain?
  • How can we make circular apparel more mainstream?

Yet, whilst value and supply chains are complex and movable beasts, influenced by a myriad of different global and local politics not connected to one individual business, they are possible to influence. Greatly, measurably and with environmental and social inequalities in mind. Sweden Textile Water Initiative will present case study material on the award-winning pilot Sustainable Water Resources (SWAR) and discuss overall results from the 2015 Global Projects programme that deliver a triple win for business, environment and society.

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