Sweden Textile Water Initiative

Business cases China

A factory based in Jiangsu Province is a supplier of yarn dyeing and printing, and dyeing fabrics to H&M China. The primary processes executed there are yarn dyeing of viscose/cellulose and cotton based fiber products.

Insulation is very important in factories that use huge amounts of steam – a method which was recommended to the factory by STWI. A total amount of 18 000 Euro was invested to improve insulation of dyeing machines and the cylinder of drying machines to minimize surface heat loss and reduce the temperature of the working environment. 2 400 tons of steam were saved per year, which translated into cost savings of 49 800 Euro for the factory.

Another factory based in Jiangsu Province, China was recommended a different method of saving water in the production process. The recommendation was to cool down water and condensate generated from the dyeing process, collect and store it in a well-insulated storage tank, and then reuse it in the production process.

Reuse of such water that has a temperature of 60 ̊ not only reduces freshwater consumption, but also increases the temperature of freshwater and reduces steam consumption. This practice resulted in an annual reduction of water consumption of 19 000 tons per year. The investment of 3 850 Euros to implement the method translated into a cost saving of 6 800 Euro per year.

We also created a Water Governance Report for China to help map the water risks for the textile industry there.


  • Management:

    STWI Projects’ mission is to build capacities towards sustainable water use in textile and leather manufacturing processes in production countries during the period 2015-2017.

  • Participating brands:

    Rudholm & Haak, Lindex, IKEA, Filippa K, TPC, Varner, Intersport, H&M, Stadium

  • Participating factories:

    41 suppliers and sub-suppliers to participating brands, focused mainly in the Jiangsu, GuangDong, Zhejiang and Anhui regions.

  • Contact:

    Country Manager, China:  Mrs. Zhao Lin