Sweden Textile Water Initiative

STWI Projects

Sweden Textile Water Initiative Projects is a public-private partnership between Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency), SIWI (Stockholm International Water Institute), Sweden Textile Water Initiative Brands, and their suppliers and sub-suppliers. Sweden Textile Water Initiative Projects vision is to catalyze a shift towards sustainable production in major production hubs.

We build the environmental performance capacities of suppliers and sub-suppliers to Swedish brands in the areas of sustainable water use for textile and leather manufacturing processes.

We work with 277 suppliers, brands, government institutions in Ethiopia, Bangladesh, China, India and Turkey to:

  • Reduce environmental impact of the factories and build their capacity to continue improving their resource efficiency.
  • Build institutional capacities for improved decision-making in industrial water governance  at the national/provincial level, through governance and water risk assessments.
  • Raise the water profile in global processes addressing the environmental impact of the textile industry
  • International benchmarks for sustainable water use are created.
  • Contribute water knowledge to multi-stakeholder global textile sector processes.
  • Continuously upgrade the Sweden Textile Water Initiative Guidelines and increase their international recognition.
  • Communicate the methods, results and cases created through Sweden Textile Water Initiative Projects.


  • Management:

    Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and local consultants.

  • Financed by:

    Sida, SIWI, and participating brands and factories.

  • Participating brands:

    H&M, LINDEX, KappAhl, ELLOS GROUP, Filippa K, Gina Tricot, INTERSPORT, RNB Retail and Brands, Odd Molly, HEMTEX, IKEA, Stadium

  • Participating factories:

    277 factories engaged between 2014-2017 in Bangladesh, China, Ethiopia, India and Turkey.

  • Contact:

    STWI Project Manager Mrs. Zhao Lin at lin.zhao@siwi.org