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What is the future of sustainability in the textile sector?

Four partner organisations discussed the topic of Transforming the Textile Sector towards a Sustainable Future at the STWI convened SIWI Sofa at World Water Week this year. The panel included: Laila Petri, Corporate Partnerships at WWF International, Dawn McGregor, Textile Lead at China Water Risk, Christopher Briggs, Executive Director at Water Footprint Network and Zhao Lin, Country Manager China at Sweden Textile Water Initiative.

One of the themes discussed was the pressing need to change the mindset of actors in the industry and a focus on more long-term benefits.

“We need to see behavioral change along the whole value chain in the textile industry: from the field to manufacturing, to then the shops, the brands and even the consumers, and what consumers do with the products when they are done,”says Dawn McGregor, CWR. “Then you need investors to also change their behavioral mindset. Since the brands need to report to the shareholders, this kind of propagates the short-term thinking. What we at CWR are happy to find from our survey is that 98% of factories in China are taking actions to go green. 72% of factories there saw a benefit in transitioning to a circular model. So the change is starting to happen, but it is about getting the right actors in the industry to come together and capitalize on this opportunity.”

To find out more about the future of sustainability in the textile industry, watch the video with whole discussion on SIWI Media Hub.