Katarina Veem, Director SIWI Swedish Water House, to introduce British royals to sustainable fashion

On Wednesday 31 January, Ms Veem will attend the event “Creative Industries” as part of the Creative is GREAT event… Read more

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Re:think, Re:make, Re:use Showcase

For the first time ever World Water Week included a fashion show! Why? Because we at STWI decided to host… Read more

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Water and Waste Management: the case of the textile industry

During World Water Week STWI organized a seminar on “Water and Waste Management: the case of the textile industry.” We… Read more

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What is the future of sustainability in the textile sector?

Four partner organisations discussed the topic of Transforming the Textile Sector towards a Sustainable Future at the STWI convened SIWI… Read more

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Press Release | Nordic brands saved almost 7 billion liters of water, enough for daily needs of 134 million people

Factories supplying H&M, IKEA, Filippa K and 20 other Nordic brands saved more than 6.7 billion liters of water since… Read more


How do you save millions of tonnes of water and drive business profitability?

”Water is taken for granted by factories as it is considered a “free” resource or its sourcing price is severely… Read more

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Our pilot project wins Nordic sustainable fashion award

A collaborative Sweden Textile Water Initiative pilot  for efficiency in water consumption, energy and chemical use in the textile industry… Read more

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Lindex & KappAhl #SIWISofa interview

New to World Water Week this year was the SIWI Sofa. A cross between a speakers’ corner and an outdoor… Read more