Can you catch the plastic?

Did you know that a city the size of Berlin releases plastic fibers equivalent to 540 000 plastic bags every single… Read more

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Re:think, Re:make, Re:use Showcase

For the first time ever World Water Week included a fashion show! Why? Because we at STWI decided to host… Read more

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Water and Waste Management: the case of the textile industry

During World Water Week STWI organized a seminar on “Water and Waste Management: the case of the textile industry.” We… Read more

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What is the future of sustainability in the textile sector?

Four partner organisations discussed the topic of Transforming the Textile Sector towards a Sustainable Future at the STWI convened SIWI… Read more

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Press Release | Nordic brands saved almost 7 billion liters of water, enough for daily needs of 134 million people

Factories supplying H&M, IKEA, Filippa K and 20 other Nordic brands saved more than 6.7 billion liters of water since… Read more


REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS : Data collection and reporting solutions for a Global Sustainable Water Management Programme for Textile Industries

SIWI is looking to procure a complete data collection and reporting solution, including tools and applications for data entry which… Read more


Blog: Driving sustainable change in the textile and leather industries – Panel discussion at the World Water Week 2016

Sustainability has become a key word buzzing in the World Water Week corridors. The theme for this year’s conference is… Read more


Sweden Textile Water Initiative at Almedalen

Sweden Textile Water Initiative will present the results from 2015 to the Swedish audience on Thursday 7 July 2016 in… Read more

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STWI’s 2015 results and achievements summarised

Sweden Textile Water Initiative announces our global results for the financial year ending 31 December 2015. The environmental, social and… Read more


BLOG: London Calling – Sweden Textile Water Initiative

In many Asian production countries, the textile industry is the fourth largest industrial water user. At the same time, the… Read more