Cooperation for sustainability

Fresh water is precious. Sweden Textile Water Initiative helps leather and textile companies and factories reduce water, energy and chemical use in their supply chains.

Who we are

Sweden Textile Water Initiative is a members’ network with 30 plus member brands, which started in 2014 and has been supported by SIDA until 2018. From 2018 onwards the network continues to expand globally and strives to empower sustainability champions.

Why join us

When joining the STWI Network brands join the largest global programme with experience in working with the supply chain. We offer business intelligence, networking and becoming part of the first global resource efficiency factory network. Together with the member brands we build good relationships, good citizenship and better impact. Ready to join? Please contact our Chairperson Jan Peter Bergkvist for more information.

STWI is lightweight, inexpensive, flexible and efficient – has all the right components for global success
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We get much value for money
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STWI is the world’s sustainability superstar
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Sweden Textile Water Initiative creates guidelines for increased sustainability. Based on the assumption that common guidelines pave the way for real change, our guidelines provide suppliers with clear instructions on how to work towards improved water efficiency, water pollution prevention and wastewater management in production processes. The guidelines are available in English and Chinese. Visit the Guidelines page to learn more.

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These Swedish brands have decided to make a difference and will act together for better water management in their supply chains.