Sweden Textile Water Initiative is based on the idea that fashion brands must cooperate and follow common guidelines in order to achieve sustainable water use.

These are our Guidelines.

The Guidelines cover three areas

A key principle is the value of prevention. Preventing excessive use of water and chemicals early in the production process is cheaper and more efficient than focusing on wastewater treatment.

This means that substantial economic gains are within easy reach for manufacturers that use water more wisely.

Water pollution prevention
Wastewater treatment

Addressing water efficiency ensures that no more than the necessary amount of water is used in the factory. This reduces the need for wastewater treatment and its associated costs, as well as energy and water costs.

Water pollution prevention and wastewater treatment aim to reduce negative health and environmental impacts from chemicals used in the production processes. They also free up water resources and improve water quality for other water users.

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The minimum acceptable level means that the supplier complies with legislation and has a general awareness about water issues. This is the first step towards sustainable water management.


Environmental performance work is in operation and beyond legal requirements, working methodically with water and pollution prevention action plans.


Suppliers that use best available technologies for reducing water use, re-using water and phasing out hazardous chemicals.

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These Swedish brands have decided to make a difference and will act together for better water management in their supply chains.