Cooperation for sustainability

Freshwater on our planet is precious. Sweden Textile Water Initative brings together Swedish leather and textile companies in collaboration to reduce water, energy and chemical use in their supply chains.

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STWI’s 2015 results and achievements summarised

Sweden Textile Water Initiative announces our global results for the financial year ending 31 December 2015. The environmental, social and financial results have surpassed expectations. Results have been collected from the Initiative’s scaled up global programme to increase efficient water, energy and chemical use at factory level in India, China, Bangladesh, Turkey and Ethiopia.

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Sweden Textile Water Initiative at the Sustainable Apparel conference


‘Modelling Sustainability’ STWI Global Report launched


Sweden Textile Water Initiative creates guidelines for increased sustainability. Based on the assumption that common guidelines pave the way for real change, our guidelines provide suppliers with clear instructions on how to work towards improved water efficiency, water pollution prevention and wastewater management in production processes. The guidelines are available in English and Chinese. Visit the Guidelines page to learn more.

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These Swedish brands have decided to make a difference and will act together for better water management in their supply chains.