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Fresh water is precious. Sweden Textile Water Initiative helps leather and textile companies and factories reduce water, energy and chemical use in their supply chains.

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Press Release | Nordic brands saved almost 7 billion liters of water, enough for daily needs of 134 million people

Factories supplying H&M, IKEA, Filippa K and 20 other Nordic brands saved more than 6.7 billion liters of water since STWI initiated its work with the factory base in 2012. This cumulative result equals the annual need of more than 360,000 people, or one day’s need* of 134 million. Under the guidance of the Sweden Textile Water Initiative (STWI), a programme driving global change towards sustainable textile and leather production, the factories have reduced water consumption and pollution while also improving their profits. Since joining the programme, participating factories have seen a return on investment of more than 240 percent over three years.

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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS : Data collection and reporting solutions for a Global Sustainable Water Management Programme for Textile Industries


Sweden Textile Water Initiative creates guidelines for increased sustainability. Based on the assumption that common guidelines pave the way for real change, our guidelines provide suppliers with clear instructions on how to work towards improved water efficiency, water pollution prevention and wastewater management in production processes. The guidelines are available in English and Chinese. Visit the Guidelines page to learn more.

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These Swedish brands have decided to make a difference and will act together for better water management in their supply chains.